Mosin Nagant hex receiver Date 1931 (model 9130) THIS RIFLE IS SECTION 1.

Mosin Nagant hex receiver Date 1931 (model 9130) THIS RIFLE IS SECTION 1.
The most prolific version of the Mosin–Nagant. It was produced for standard issue to all Soviet infantry from 1930 to 1945.
It was commonly used as a sniper rifle in World War II.
This rifle is being sold with it’s bayonet and modern scabbard and sling. The Mosins never had scabbards
Early production 91/30s (from 1930 to 1936) retained the octagonal receiver. These rifles are less common and regarded as generally more desirable by collectors, as they are built regardless of cost and time.
A cylindrical receiver, replacing the octagonal (commonly called "hex") receiver after 1936. In 1935–1936, the 91/30 was again modified, this time to lower production time.
The wartime Mosins are easily identified by the presence of tool marks and rough finishing that never would have passed the inspectors in peacetime
A hooded post front sight, replacing the blade on previous weapons.
The Mosin for sale is the ‘hex’ model and has an extremely attractive laminated stock, which increases it’s strength over the normal wooden models and is very rare.
It has a excellent bore and excellent lands and is very accurate. I have only fired lead rounds from this rifle and the sights reflect this, being over from central. The rounds are sized to .315 and as it prefers heavy lead, the bullets are around 185-210 grains.
The rifle went back to the Armourers after the war. There is a date mark on the top of the tang just below the rear of the bolt.
It is very easy to make carts for it as the throat is long and forgiving.
The brass inserts are proof of pre-war and show the attention to detail, missing on the war time rifles.
The apparent repair on the butt is NOT a repair but is the way they made them.
The finish is really aesthetic and combined with the accuracy, makes for a pleasant shoot.
The trigger is not agricultural and is very smooth and reasonably light at about 5 lbs.
The headspace passes with the field gauge.
The magazine has a pivoted bottom plate, in case the rims interlock, which shouldn’t happen if loaded correctly. The action has an interlock, designed to prevent rim jam. The magazine is loaded just like the 303.
The finish on the metal parts, no machine or filing marks, indicates high quality, missing on the rifles of the war-time.
The muzzle is vg, showing no scratches or marks due to gas cutting, which helps the accuracy.

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