Schmidt Rubin 1889 model, 1892 manufacture

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Schmidt Rubin model 1889, date 1892. All matching number including the bayonet.
This rifle is being sold with the bayonet and frog matching serial numbers with the rifle and sling(repaired)
Schmidt Rubin 1889 model, 1892 manufacture. Calibre 7.5x53.5 uses 7.5x55 brass ok because of the long throat.
Straight-pull bolt action
The Schmidt–Rubin rifles were a series of Swiss Army service rifles in use between 1889 and 1958. They are distinguished by the straight-pull bolt action invented by Rudolf Schmidt and use Eduard Rubin's rifle cartridge.
The rifle is roughly musket length with a free-floating barrel, 12-round magazine and wood stock that extends almost to the tip of the barrel. The Schmidt–Rubin 1889 was an advanced weapon for its time.
The Schmidt–Rubin 1889 was one of the first rifles to use copper-jacketed ammunition as its standard ammunition. The GP90 7.5×53.5mm round designed by Col. Rubin in 1882 was revolutionary.

Calibre 7.5x53.5 but commonly used with 7.5x55 carts.
This rifle can be section 1 or section 58, which allows anybody to buy it as a display piece.
If you want to shoot it, it must be SECTION1 (FAC)
A long rifle beautifully made with a mirror bore, perfect lands and which shoots excellently.
The trigger action is second to none, smoothly releasing the sear.
The chamber and bore are tight with a good free bore, which makes loading for this gun very easy.
I use only lead from 195 to 210 grains.
It sports a 12 round magazine, which is very handy in competitions.
The magazine is removable and is a dream to fill. The spring is smooth and easy.
It has a fail safe against firing out of battery. If the bolt isn’t fully home the firing pin is blocked.
When the bolt is fully home, it should be slightly in front of the rear of the action.
The sights are very easy to use and are clear. The ramp is positive.
The muzzle is good and has it’s muzzle protector, another rarity in military rifles.
Truly a work of art for a military rifle. The Swiss never really used them, only for moving snow

Total package is £575 (with bayonet and frog)
Offers will be considered.


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